Purpose Driven

As stated in our Vision Statement, we believe once we are saved, we are saved to serve. We are commanded to carry out the Great Commandment and the Great Commission. The cross in our Logo represents what Jesus did for us, dying on the cross to wipe away our sins and provide us with everlasting life with Him. The fish in our Logo represents the command to be “fishers of men”, making disciples as we go. We believe there are five purposes of the church which are all tied to our Vision Statement and our Logo:
Identification with the body of Christ. “Reach” is one of the key words in the outside border of our Logo which means “reach people with His love”.
Believers growing in their spiritual maturity. “Encourage” is another key word in our Logo which means “encourage them to grow”.
Demonstrating God’s love through service. “Equip” is a key word in our Logo which means “equip them to serve”.
Sharing the Good News with others.  “Send” is the word in our Logo that we equate to being obedient servants.  It means “as we seek to be obedient servants of God”, carrying out the Great Commission.
Expressing our love to God. Worship is included in all of the other purposes, serving to be the umbrella that all other purposes fall under. Worship is what we do when our hearts are fully engaged in a relationship with our Lord and Savior.
At Ephesus, we strive to have a balanced approach to achieving all five purposes of the church.